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Cost Competitive

First Cost Competitive

Lower installation costs are just the beginning of the cost savings and efficiencies that Tate's Underfloor Service Distribution System has to offer your facility. This system is equipped with a service distribution system that creates maximum value and flexibility.

You’ll realize immediate benefits in regards to time and expense with this system. Projects using Tate’s advanced service distribution solution have reduced installation costs by up to 10% and achieve 15% faster build and completion times. The ability to reconfigure easily to meet future facility needs helps to control and lower costs incurred through adding new technologies, or redesigning to respond to new progressive office environments. There are many areas where first costs can be neutralized, here are a few:
  • Design flexibility - Adapts easily to existing or new architectural features.
  • Voice/Data cabling - Reduce cable run lengths, eliminate cable trays, and lower labor costs at installation.
  • Power wiring - ‘Plug & play’ technology significantly reduces installation costs.
  • Furniture - Eliminate dependency on costly powered furniture and improve space planning options.
  • Air distribution - Significantly reduce trunk, branch, and discharge ductwork.
  • Ceiling - Reduce or eliminate suspended ceiling requirements.
  • Time to occupancy - Underfloor services install quickly, allowing for earlier occupation.
  • Structure – Improved integration of underfloor services provide slab-to-slab height reduction opportunities.

Operational Cost Savings

Tate’s Underfloor Service Distribution System offers operational cost saving features with the ability to make future changes to technology without extensive demolition or disruption. Tate’s access floors are not only easy and cost efficient to install; they significantly reduce construction time for faster occupancy. The underfloor design makes access to cabling, power, communication, data, and HVAC systems simple. And the system’s inherent flexibility keeps reconfiguration costs low with full floor access to all infrastructure services.

Tate Access Floors allow you to address the service distribution needs of densely populated floor plans and advanced technology requirements with easy access to power, communications, and other service delivery systems. Utilizing an underfloor air delivery system provides comfortable environmental control and improved air quality. With a built-in energy-efficient design and long - term flexibility, this high performance space will continue to provide sustainability well beyond a successful move-in, here’s how:
  • Energy – Lower fan power, extended use of economizer, and reduced outside air due to better ventilation effectiveness.
  • Space churn – Reduce costs by at least 50%. With flexible and accessible wire/cable infrastructure and floor mounted plug & play components, changes are easily accommodated using in-house personnel.
  • HVAC – Floor diffusers are not ducted to the air supply allowing for better comfort control, more flexible zoning strategies, and improved productivity.
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