What We Do

Tate's Underfloor Service Distribution System (UFSD) offers the perfect solution for any facility to address its design goals. The benefits of underfloor service distribution include many sustainable and high performance advantages. UFSD supports the aesthetic value of the facility while being cost-effective in both construction and operation.

A More Sustainable Solution

Tate’s Underfloor Service Distribution System plays a vital role in improving the sustainability of a building. UFSD saves energy through the use of a low pressure underfloor plenum which uses natural convection to cool only the occupied space. UFSD reduces the amount of materials need to deliver key services to the location of the occupants. It also promotes the continual reuse of materials throughout a buildings useful life.

The Added Convenience of High Performance

Access floors offer a completely flexible and adaptive method for service distribution. This allows a facility to react to new technologies and organizational changes with minimal down time or disruption to the occupants. Underfloor air distribution improves indoor air quality and personal comfort control while enabling the building to incorporate more daylighting and ventilation effectiveness. These high performance characteristics help access floors improve the building occupants quality of life.

The Ability to Control Costs

Tate understands that even a sustainable and high performance building needs to offer long-term value if it is to provide a positive return on your investment. Many sustainable features reduce costs by reducing energy usage while high performance features come at a premium. This is not the case with Tate. Our access floors control costs through durability and long-term service flexibility. Adaptability for future expansion and change, along with easy, low-cost maintenance requirements. Easy installation and accelerated depreciation can offer extra cost saving.