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To be successful in a global economy, companies need to stay competitive, adapt to changes in technology, ensure comfort and employee satisfaction, and display corporate responsibility in protecting the environment. That's why Tate's commitment to SustainAbility continues to grow in our Environment, Customers, Community, and Company.

Access flooring solutions can be designed with the environment and LEED™ in mind. High recycled content and sustainable and recyclable surface finishes allow for both creative design options as well as responsible environmental planning. Using an access floor in an office environment allows for greater flexibility. Access flooring adapts to high office churn rates by being modular and interchangeable. Using under floor air distribution in conjunction with an access floor allows for individual work space temperature control. Under floor modular power and voice data cabling gives the office space flexibility to adapt to both changes in technology and workspace layout.

Tate believes SustainAbility® is a corporate responsibility and, as such, strives to make products that conform to this philosophy.


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