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Underfloor Wire & Cable

Tate has partnered with Communications Integrators, Inc. (CII) to provide underfloor service distribution systems. CII manufactures a complete line of modular wire and cable devices for raised floor applications. The ease of use and plug-n-play connectors offered by CII further contribute to the layout and configuration flexibility available through the use of a raised floor system.

PVD Servicenter

A PVD Servicenter accesses the floor service box and is designed to terminate power wiring at floor level and provide convenient user access to electrical outlets. The box contains a hinged lid with recess for a floor finish insert designed to match surrounding finish for maximum aesthetic appeal.


The StationLink is a self-contained unit that provides convenient access to power, voice and data connectivity for today’s most demanding workstation environment. StationLink quickly mounts to any work surface to preserve your furniture design.

Power Distribution Model (PDM)

A PDM is a modular power distribution center that can distribute any combination of up to 18 circuits across multiple ports. Pre-wired and factory-tested, the PDM's are configured to meet any project requirements. Power Wires consist of flexible metal cable with 'plug and play' connectors on either end. These can be used anywhere along the entire length of the system.

Zone Distribution Box

The Zone Distribution Box is a modular cable consolidation point that can house up to 96 cable connections. The consolidation point provides an intermediate connection from the distribution box to the PVD Servicenter®. Plug & Play Data Cables consist of low voltage cabling with connectors on either end and can be used along the entire length of the system. These cables are designed to provide voice/data to devices with modular plug & play connectivity.

Slot Link

SlotLink™ is the modular answer to providing multiplepower and data circuits to gaming machines in the casino. This plug-and-play system allows you to add new equipment or make moves, adds and changes very simply and quickly. As easy as unplugging a lamp, the user can disconnect and move an entire cluster of machines with a minimal amount of disruption to the gaming floor.
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