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Retracting Roof

The ContainAire™ Retracting Roof is made of black anodized aluminum tracks that attach directly to the top of the IT racks and lays flat to prevent interference with other overhead obstructions. Fully adjustable to lengths up to 30' the Retracing Roof is available in 60" and 84" widths to accommodate most cold aisles. The vinyl is rolled from a housing and attaches at the other end using fire suppression links that release allowing it to automatically roll back into the housing during a fire to eliminate the need for additional fire detection and suppression systems inside the containment structure.

High-grade aluminum track, UL rated drop in panels make for a below sprinkler containment solution. The ContainAire™ retracting roof kit includes all of the components and fasteners required to assemble and install the roof containment. Tate roofs can be installed on the top of the rack cabinets.

Features & Benefits

  • Modular design (all parts snap together)
  • 2-6 foot aisles
  • Unlimited lengths
  • UL/FM rated ceiling panels
  • Flat roof to prevent overhead obstructions
  • No tools required for installation
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