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Hinged Door

The ContainAire™ Hinged Door combines cost-effectiveness and ease of installation. Over the long-term the Aisle End Door will also reduce "total cost of ownership" by making it easier to fully separate cold supply and hot exhaust airflow. The sturdy aluminum frame is designed to be durable and long lasting. Other features include a locking door and magnetic stays and a no-floor threshold, which eliminates a tripping hazard.

The Hinge & Door kit includes all of the components and fasteners required to assemble and install the door. The door can be installed without having to 'hang it' onto the aisle end racks. Instead the door sits on the floor with two small attachments to the top of the racks.

Features & Benefits

  • No threshold design prevents tripping
  • Custom sizes • Left or right handed door
  • Sturdy aluminum supports
  • Clear see-through panel
  • Custom attachments (locks, stays)
  • Side panels attach easily
  • Easy installation
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