Tate Access Floors

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Access Floor Systems

Architectural Details

Access Floor Air Plenum Sealing Details

Plan View Without Access Floor

Base Building Core & Shell Sealing Details

A) Perimeter Seam Along Slab & Exterior Wall
B) Enclosed Column Seam at Slab Line
C) Drywall Partition Condition
D) Base of Stairs on Building Slab
E) Top of Stair Interface with Concrete Deck
F) Elevator Shaft Below Access Floor Line
G) Expansion Joint in Concrete Deck

HVAC System Sealing Details

H) Opening in Slab for Vertical Ducts
I) Opening in Plenum Walls for Ducts

Plumbing Sealing Details

J) Pipe Penetration Through Concrete Deck
K) Pipe Penetration Through Plenum Walls

Electrical System Sealing Details

L) Conduit Through Plenum Walls
M) Open Ends of Conduit in the Plenum Space

Voice/Data System Sealing Details

N) Cable Penetrations Through Plenum Wall with Cable Sleeve

Access Floor Air Sealing Details

Plan View With Access Floor

Access Floor Sealing Details

1. Plenum Dividers
2. Penetration Through Plenum Dividers
3. Perimeter Seal Without Wall Base
4. Perimeter Seal With Wall Base
5. Perimeter Seal at Non-Smooth Walls & Columns
6. Perimeter Seal at Smooth Walls & Columns
7. Access Floor Seal at Fascia/Exposed Edge
8. Perimeter Seal at Top of Stair Landing
9. Perimeter Seal at Base of Stair Landing
10. Penetration in Wall through Access Floor
11. Perimeter Seal at Fire Barrier Below Door Threshold
12. Perimeter Seal At Curb Where Floor Covering Is Continuous
13. Perimeter Seal At Curb Where Floor Covering Is Not Continuous
14. Cable Cutouts & Grommets
15. Power, Voice/Data Distribution Boxes In Access Floor Panels
16. Pipe Penetration Through Access Floor

Plenum Divider & Air Highway

17. Plenum Divider - Straight Section
18. Plenum Divider - Perpendicular Sections
19. Plenum Divider - Corner with Miter Joint
20. Plenum Divider - Corner with Butt Joint
21. Plenum Divider with Conduit Bridge
22. Air Highway for Posilock System
23. Air Highway for Bolted Stringer System
24. Plenum Dividers with Stringers
25. Plenum Dividers with Stringers - Deep Draw
26. Plenum Hat Channel with Stringers - Deep Draw

Field Installed, Off-Module Finishes

27. Floor Coverings for Wet Areas
28. Specialty Floor Finish Field Application

Standard Access Floor Construction Details

29. Fascia Construction Detail
30. Fire Barrier through Access Floor
31. Pedestal Conditions - PosiLock Access Floor System
32. Pedestal at Concrete Curb - Low FFH PosiLock A/F System
33. Pedestal at Wall - Low FFH PosiLock A/F System
34. Pedestal at Fascia - Low FFH PosiLock A/F System
35. Pedestal Conditions - Stringer Access Floor System
36. Ramp Assembly for Access Floor
37. Deep Draw Ramp Assembly
38. Ramp Assembly for Low Height Access Floor
39. Ramp Shoes
40. Posilock Step Assembly
41.  Stringer Step Assembly
42. Transition to Elevator
43. Transition between A/F Levels - Option 1
44. Transition between A/F Levels - Option 2
45. Transition from PosiLock to Stringer System

Mounting Equipment & Structures

46. Equipment Mounted to PosiLock A/F System
47. Equipment Mounted to Stringer A/F System
48. Equipment Anchored to Building Floor
49. Glass Door Mounting
50. Partition Mounted to PosiLock A/F System
51. Partition Mounted to Stringer A/F System

Special Conditions

52. Bridge Method: Bridging Duct (pedestals through channel)
53. Fin Tube Perimeter Heating
54. Supplemental A/F Support for Heavy Equipment
55. Bridging Method: Bridge over Obstruction - Option 1
56. Bridging Method: Bridge over Trench
57. Expansion Joint in PosiLock A/F System
58. Expansion Joint in Stringer A/F System - Option 1
59. Expansion Joint in Stringer A/F System - Option 2
60. Floor Drain in Access Floor
61. Pedestal with Anchor Bolts
62. Pedestal Head Types-Polycarbonate/Plexiglass Panels Posilock
63. Acrylic Window Panels for Stringer Systems
64. Perimeter Air Grille Support


65. Floor Finish Transitions
66. Security Barrier below A/F
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