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Building Information Modeling

Tate is proud to offer intelligent 3D RevitĀ® families for the ConCore panels and steel understructure. These intelligent objects can be used to develop building information modeling (BIM), which facilitates earlier decision-making, faster design changes, pre-construction analysis and sustainable design considerations.

Posilock Understructure Families (zip)
  • Posilock Pedestal RFA
  • Posilock Perimeter Pedestal RFA
  • Posilock LFFH Pedestal RFA
Bolted Stringer Understructure Families (zip)
  • Bolted Stringer Pedestal RFA
  • Bolted Stringer Stringer RFA
  • Bolted Stringer LFFH Pedestal RFA
Directional Airflow Panel Families (zip)
  • Directional Perf RFA
  • DirectAire RFA
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