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Underfloor Service Distribution DVD for Owner Occupiers
This 5 minute video provides a great introduction to underfloor service distribution outlining what it is and how it can provide opportunities for first cost reduction and life cycle benefits within the modern commercial office building. To download, right click here (15MB)
Underfloor Service Distribution DVD for Developers
This video is a brief 5 minutes and provides a great introduction to underfloor service distribution, showing the developer how it will increase building value and attract and retain tenants To download, right click here (13MB)


(Available in hard copy and PDF. You may click the literature image for a pdf of the brochure.)

Architect's Guide for Detailing & Specifying Access Floor Air Plenums
The Architect's Guide is designed to help an architect designing a building with a UFAD system, provide specifications and construction details to ensure the plenum is constructed with proper sealing to reduce underfloor air leakage. (Temporarily out of stock)


General Contractor’s Guide for Constructing & Sealing Access Floor Air Plenums
The General Contractor guide will aid in the coordination of subcontractors and provide methods to ensure they are informed of, and perform to the sealing requirements as described in the specifications and details provided by the architect.

Commissioning Agent’s Guide for Inspecting & Testing Access Floor Air Plenums
The Commissioning Agent's guide was created to provide commissioning agents with proper guidelines for the review, inspection, testing, and reporting of any plenum integrity sealing deficiencies that may result in underfloor air leakage.
Data Center Optimization This brochure outlines the benefits of data center optimization. Tate's team of data center optimization engineers, along with our strategic partnerships, allow us to offer one of the most comprehensive airflow analysis audits on the market.
KoldLok Data Center Solutions
Tate's KOLDLOK air sealing grommet is designed to prevent air leakage from the underfloor plenum where penetrations in a raised floor are needed to deliver power, data and other services to equipment above the floor.
Containment Solutions
This brochure features Tate's entire line of ContainAire containment solutions and airflow control products. 
In-Floor Cooling Solutions
This brochure outlines the benefits of our In-Floor Cooling Solutions: the DirectAire panel, the SmartAire electronically controlled variable air volume damper, and the PowerAire fan assist module.
NEW! Structrual Ceiling Grid 
Tate's Structural Ceiling Grid offers many advantages, it allows you to pre-design, specify the support solution in advance and best of all it's less expensive and faster to install.   (Temporarily out of stock)



In-Floor Active Chilled Beams
This brochure explains how In-floor Active Chilled Beams provide the energy savings and comfort of an overhead chilled beam while avoiding many of the concerns.
NEW! IsoFlo Cabinet
Tate™s IsoFlo cabinet level containment completely isolates IT cooling from the rest of the facility, allowing for increased inlet air temperatures and completely eliminating bypass airflow.
NEW! ContraFlo Cabinet turns airflow upside down to offer an alternative to hot aisle containment or chimney designs.
NEW! EcoCore
This brochure profiles Tate's EcoCore access floor panels, steel welded shells filled with a unique mixture of structural cement and PCM that allows the panel to absorb thermal energy while maintaining the high level of integrity and quality expected from Tate’s raised access floors.
Owner Occupied Office Buildings
Geared toward the Owner Occupier market, this brochure outlines the benefits of raised flooring and underfloor service distribution. (Temporarily out of stock)
Developer & Multi-Tenant Leased Buildings
This brochure outlines the benefits of raised flooring and underfloor service distribution within a building's 'Core & Shell' giving developers a competitive edge.
Tenant Brochure
There's more to this space than meets the eye.

This brochure assists Developers in promoting to perspective tenants the advantages of underfloor service distribution in the base building core and shell. This brochure can be modified with your specific project information!
Higher Education Technology Platform
This brochure outlines the benefits of raised flooring and underfloor service distribution in colleges and libraries.
Government Buildings
This brochure outlines the benefits of using access floors in courthouses and government office buildings. The GSA has recognized the value of including access floors in meeting their building goals and now specifically requires that access floors be incorporated into all new construction where office functions will take place. (Temporarily out of stock)
Renovation & Modernization of Existing Workspace

Tate’s products are an immediate modernization solution for real estate owners, occupiers and tenants to provide the ultimate workspace that supports total churn flexibilty, adaptability, productivity and employee comfort.
This brochure demonstrates to casino owners the ease of reconfiguration that access flooring can provide, whether for routine maintenance or installation of technological upgrades, dramatically reducing cost as well as disruption to the facility.
Finishes Brochure
This brochure showcases the various finish options for access flooring.
Prestige Projects Portfolio
This brochure details some of our most recent and impressive projects. This project portfolio covers a wide range of applications and is suitable for any potential client.

Product Guide (English) (Spanish) (Português do Brasil)
Tate's Product Guide provides a wide range of raised floor products for your every need. In addition to its primary goal of providing a general overview of Tate’s products, this piece is designed to outline the benefits of access floor and underfloor service distribution, describe Tate’s extensive design and resource support team and tools, as well as highlight the many suitable applications for access floor and underfloor service distribution. (English version temporarily out of stock)
Wire & Cable Management
Tate access flooring with modular zone wiring and cabling provides a flexible and adaptable service distribution system designed to respond to organizational and technological changes quickly, easily, and cost effectively. (Temporarily out of stock)
PosiTile® Carpet
Exclusively for Tate Access Floors

Preserve the flexibility of the access floor with PosiTile®. Unlike carpet tiles that don’t have the same module size as access floors (such as 18", 24", and 36" sizes), each PosiTile® carpet has a one-to-one fit with the access floor panel allowing you to move utility services to any location quickly, easily, and without waste.
The combined expertise of Tate Access Floors, Inc. and Johnson Controls provides an Underfloor Air Distribution system that is an exciting approach to the complex set of building needs in today's world.
Modern Methods of Construction
for the Global Property Market

This brochure gives an overview of Tate's parent company, Kingspan Group plc. (Temporarily out of stock)

Design & Specification Guide

Design Manual KitThe Design & Specification Guide Kit
This kit comes in a case ideal for your library and includes two of the CD's described below as well as three Tate brochures: Product Guide, Project Portfolio and Data Center Brochure. (Temporarily out of stock)
The Design & Specification Guide CD
This CD gives you everything you need, from a detailed review of Tate's Underfloor Service Distribution system to specifications, drawings, and architectural details.

Additional resources are available to download only please visit our resource center.