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Data Center

The perfect data center design must have the ability to effectively distribute a large volume of services such as data, power and water lines. Secondly, the data center cooling system must be capable of efficiently cooling high density rack loads that are variable and diverse throughout the facility. Lastly the design should be flexible enough to adapt to the latest technological and cooling advancements.

Tate's line of data center products address all of these needs in a highly adaptable space that provides the ability to respond quickly and easily to client, organizational and technological changes – all while being cost-effective in both construction and operation. With Tate's raised floor solutions, you'll be able to address all of the demands of a data center while meeting the everyday needs of its users in a secure and reliable environment.

Raised Floors Complement Any Data Center Design

Flexible, Adaptable, Scalable & Efficient. These four words are the cornerstone of what data center designers, owners and managers strive to create in their facility. The raised floor data center is perfectly suited to provide them all. Managing and segregating large volumes of wires, cables, water lines and other distribution systems is complemented with a raised floor. As equipment is updated and technology changes, additional services can be added or relocated without abandonment or structural changes. Tate offers a full line of aisle containment, air sealing grommets and in-floor cooling solutions, DirectAire, SmartAire and PowerAire to improve data center energy efficiency.
Data Center Solutions
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